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Grupo Serviacero began operations in Leon Guanajuato Mexico in 1966, with the objective of satisfying the steel needs of the construction industry; Today we have more than 20 Service Centers in the main cities of the country; We serve the aeronautical, agroindustrial, automotive, construction, electronics, energy, heavy equipment manufacturing, metalworking, greenhouses, mining, hotel, naval, industrial maintenance, cement industries, among others.


  • Gratings for light traffic

  • Gratings for heavy traffic

  • Perimeter fences

  • Architectural elements


We have the capacity to produce panels in widths up to 1.2 meters by 9 meters in length, height up to 5 "and thicknesses up to 10 mm in smooth finish or serrated in natural, painted and galvanized finishes.


  • Central America

  • Caribbean

  • NAFTA zone

GTO Construction

León, Guanajuato 37490

+52 477 194 1000

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