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Hersan Hi Tech is a company committed to the research and development of new technologies, offering state-of-the-art solutions for urban design and security.


On the other hand, we are very pleased to share with you that we have been awarded the distinctive "MARCA GUANAJUATO" award granted by the state government. That, like you, we are committed to society to manufacture high quality products in the field of road safety. This is only an additional step to a great responsibility, after having obtained the "NATIONAL AWARD OF TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION" granted by the Federal Government last 2012 and make us creditors to be part of the ENDEAVOR company program.


Hersan Hitech is a company 100% guanajuatense, we have 34 years of existence and more than 40 years of experience in transformation of high engineering plastics, here are made daily road sign products such as buoys, buttons, speed reducers, road delineators For public transportation and bicycle paths, having presence in more than 8 countries and counting with national (IMPI) and international patents (PCT) I can proudly say that we are pioneers and creators in finding solutions to road problems in a way.


SUSTAINABLE: high ecological impact products, 100% renewable

​INNOVATIVE: new products, different, high quality.

​TECHNOLOGY: we integrate knowledge and experience with technology, to obtain safe, useful and reliable products.

​SAFE: we design products of low risk and greater protection to improve the quality of life

We have an infrastructure of more than 1700 m2 of plant, as well as an investment of more than 1,000,000 dollars of machinery and equipment, also have 46 employees to offer them the products and the best service.



  • Premium Round Road marker

  • Mini Round marker

  • Micro Round marker

  • Solar Round marker

  • Traffic Divider Type A

  • Traffic Divider Type B

  • Traffic Divider Type C

  • Speed Bump

  • Bott´s Stud

  • Road Stud

  • Hybrid 360 Bott´s Stud





Products made with 100% renewable plastic.


It attenuates the impact thanks to its elasticity and elongation of the polymer.


Plastic construction of bright colors and washable when it rains, becoming more visible.


We have a duo system of subjection by means of screws or glue


Tested with laboratory and field requirements, they do not deform, do not disintegrate, do not fracture and do not detach.


Our formulation of HDPE engineering presents a high level of resistance reason why its useful life is greater and without contamination



  • Honduras

  • Guatemala

  • Salvador

  • Costa Rica

  • Panamá

  • Dominican Republic

  • Colombia

  • Chile

  • Uruguay

  • Perú

GTO Construction

León, Guanajuato 37290

+52 477 784 0900

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