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Tejas el águila

Laproba El Aguila began operations in 1987. El Aguila´s combination of innovative technology and select clay provide customers with tile of the highest craftsmanship and quality. We offer roof tile in graceful shapes and elegant colors that create old world charm. Our craftsmen have mastered the art of applying glace to terracotta to assure permanent color and lasting beauty. Color choices range from brilliant glazes to delicate mattes and earth tones to augment our broad color palette. El Aguila is equipped to respond rapidly to specific color needs and can customize tile color to suit personal preferences.


It is a high format tile, with interlocking system that guarantees ease of installation, stability and permanence in the roof, as well as its exact performance, has low water absorption. We have many natural finishes, flamed and glazed.


Our maximum production capacity is 70,000 pieces per day. Depending on the model, 45,000, 60,000 or 70,000 tiles per day can be manufactured. The manufacturing cycle of a piece is 3.5 hours.


  • United States

  • Europe

  • Canada

  • Brazil

GTO Construction

Estación del Ferrocarril Trinidad S/N Col. Santa Ana del Conde, León, Guanajuato 37680

+52 477 772 5050

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